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Here are general Terms & Conditions to use all worksheets, templates, layouts and/or materials present on this website,

  • First and the most important of all, we provide all this material AS IT IS and without offering any Warranty or Guaranty of any kind at all. We have tried our level best to check each and every template to be accurate as stated and will continue to provide useful stuff but we can’t take responsibility of its use in a legal or official environment.

Anyone can share his/her material here on this website provided that it follows following rules,

  • All templates must be created using only and the only following software tools Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, PDF files or EPS formats.
  • All these worksheets & templates must be royalty-free for personal or private use.
  • Any material resembling closely with any patent or copyrighted material will be removed immediately without any notice. Please contact us if you have any complaint.
  • We don’t host any of our material on any other server. So you will find all the material hosted on our server for immediate download.
  • We are receiving requests from our visitors to do modification in their desired template or format. Please note that we don’t have enough manpower to do that and hence we avoid to take on such jobs. All the material provided here is AS IT IS and can’t be further modified on personal requests.

While we can’t customize any existing template, we can try to upload templates as per your demand or requirements. So please write us your requirements and we shall try to upload your desired layout as quickly as we can.