Construction Cost Calculator

Calculation and estimation of construction are very important for you no matter you are a property owner or a contractor. People calculate the construction cost because they want to get a very clear and accurate picture of how much the construction will cost.

What is construction cost calculator?

It is a type of calculator that is helpful in calculating all the cost one must incur until the entire construction project is completed.

There are different variables associated with every construction project. Some of the variables are associated with a specific type of buildings design. The cost of the construction depends on the labor fee as well as the quality you want to give to the construction project.

Many project managers also estimate the cost of the project. These estimates may not be very accurate. One can underestimate or overestimate the cost that can have negative consequences.

Benefits of construction cost calculator:

  1. The construction cost calculator enables the person to get the in-depth information about the cost of the construction project.
  2. This calculator also helps the person know how everything is going to be fit in the construction process.
  3. This calculator can prevent the builder from losing the money by overpaying.
  4. Use of construction cost calculator is a good practice for everyone who is interested in knowing the exact cost the project is going to incur.
  5. Not using the cost calculator that can have disastrous results. Such results can be avoided by using the cost calculator.

The cost calculation becomes more accurate and easier by using the construction cost calculator template. There are different features in this template such as adding comments reminder as attachments and a lot more. You can also control the access of every user to this template.

Knowing the exact cost of building the physical structure is very important for the project manager. Everybody including the builder and client is worried about the cost overrun. They are afraid that they will not be able to complete the project. The cost can be controlled by using cost calculator.

Construction cost calculator template


[For Excel: xlsx & Polaris Office] [Size: 45.0 KB]


[OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods] [Size: 19 KB]

How to use construction cost calculator?

The construction cost calculator template given here is a very comprehensive tool to plan, estimate and execute your budget plan for the construction of new building. It can be your home and you can manage all of its finance or it can be a commercial project in case you are a professional builder.

This excel template has three tabs consisting of Dashboard, Cost input, and Setup.


Let say you are going to build a house. The house will have different parts to be built in steps. These parts of the house can be subdivided into AREAS and ROOMS etc. In the Setup worksheet, you can make a list of all the areas and rooms of the house. For your convenience sample list of different areas is given in the template. You can make any changes in case you are using the worksheet to build a house.

You can also make a list of the ROOMS. Give a name to each room. A complete list of rooms is also given in the worksheet. Add or remove any entry in the list to customize accordingly.

A list of all the items that you may need in your new house is also given.

Cost Input

The second tab in the worksheet is the Cost input tab. Here you can input all the cost for each item you already set in the Setup tab. For each area of the house, you can input estimated and actual cost. The difference between these two costs will be calculated by itself for your convenience. The formulas used in the worksheet will find it for you the total estimated cost of the project.


The dashboard is designed for you to view all the information in one place. It is a comprehensive view of the estimated cost and the budget you set for the project.

You can see a filter bar on the right to see a filtered result of your interest. For example, if you want to see how much it costs for a kitchen to build you can select kitchen from the list and its estimated cost will be highlighted.

Hope you will like this template. Cheers!!

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