Quarterly Sales Report Template

For the businesses, the sales figures hold great significance as they directly affect the profits and financial position. In order to conduct the financial analysis and devise appropriate strategies, sales are a major component. Therefore, companies put great focus on keeping a record of sales of their different products and services along with the details of their customers.

Quarterly record-keeping of sales is also a common practice as many companies prepare financial reports on quarterly basis as well. If a company has a number of products and customers, it is not easy to maintain the correct record which is why the MS Excel template for quarterly sales report is often opted for by many companies as it can be easily customized as per the needs and make the recording and tracking of sales data on a quarterly basis easy and efficient.

What is a quarterly sales report template?

MS Excel has a template for its users in which they can easily record their sales data for different quarters of the year. This spreadsheet is pre-designed and has inbuilt formulas which reduce repeated insertion of data as well as generates useful figures and information. As it can be easily customized for a varying number of products and customers, organizations feel comfortable in utilizing this template for their recording and tracking of sales figures.

Quarterly sales report template


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On a quarterly basis, it records the sales of each product in each quarter along with the customer name who has purchased the product. This data becomes the basis of generation of useful information such as the main customers, the products with the highest sales, etc. This information is significant for analysis purposes. For instance, the products and customers generating highest revenues can be focused on or the strategies can be devised to increase the sale of products having low sales as well as to attract customers.

In addition, it has tabs in the top columns of all the sheets so that any needed sheet can be opened just by clicking the name of the required sheet in the already opened sheet.

How to use the quarterly sales report template?

This template is readily available and downloadable. Once it has been customized and the drop-down lists are updated as per the requirements, the company can start using it.

Firstly, the quarterly data is entered for the sales figure of each product and every customer. The total figures are then automatically calculated. After this, the main part of data entry is almost done. The template then automatically generates the data of the sales figures by product. In this sheet, the quarterly sales figures of each product are indicated in addition to the customers of the product. This sheet basically segregates sales data for each product for the financial analysis purposes.

In addition to this, the template also generates sales figures for every customer. In this sheet, the data is segregated on the basis of customers and the products that they purchased in each quarter are also indicated.

The template also generates information about the top ten customers and top ten products so that the company can know of the products and customers who are generating maximum revenue for them and hence improving their profitability and financial position.

As this spreadsheet has such detailed information and segregations of the sales data, this can be utilised for the financial analysis and devising and correcting marketing strategies and the overall company strategies.

Benefits of quarterly sales report template

This template offers numerous benefits. Some of those are:

  • It is easy to download, customize and update.
  • It records and tracks quarterly sales figures separately.
  • The pre-designing and inbuilt formulas minimize the data entry work and reduce the probability of errors.
  • The details of sales of each product and customer can help in devising appropriate strategies.
  • The segregations of the data generated by the template may aid in the financial analysis.
  • The record of different year reports can be kept by the company for the future budgeting or the historical pattern analysis.

This template is often used by the companies belonging to varying industries as it can fulfil any company’s requirements and help in maintaining sales data of a list of products and customers on a quarterly basis.

We hope that this article and the attached template proves to be helpful to you in maintaining your quarterly sales records. For any questions or feedback, write to us. Thank you!

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