Product Price List Template

Prices of the products are an important component of the overall business strategy. It not only affects the business revenues but also reflect the product value and affect the purchase decisions of the customers.

Companies have different products or services with varying prices. In addition, sometimes, the prices of the products offered by the companies vary for the retail and bulk customers. Therefore, the businesses prepare a product price list for the customers to inform them about the company’s products/services and what they have to pay in case of the retail or bulk purchase. For this purpose, companies often opt for the product price list template, especially in case of a long product list.

What is a product price list template?

MS Excel offers a spreadsheet for companies to list their products or services as well as their prices. It is a template which can be easily customized and updated for as many products as a company wants. It records the details of the company along with its logo, product code, product name, description, product image, retail price per unit and bulk price per unit. In addition, if the company wants to add any other information, it can easily insert an additional field.

Product price list template


[For Excel: xlsx & Polaris Office] [Size: 51.0 KB]


[OpenDocument Spreadsheet .ods] [Size: 32 KB]

Through this list, the customers can easily figure out the offerings as well as the prices of the offerings of the company. Based on that, they can make their purchase decisions regarding the product and the quantity.

How to use the product price list template?

This template can be utilized for listing all the product details and prices. It is readily available and downloadable. Once downloaded, it can be customized and updated as per the requirements of the business.

The first step is to add the company logo and the company details. After this, the product code, product name, description of the product and its image are added. After these fields, the retail price per unit and the bulk price per unit is inserted. Once this is done, the list is ready to be presented to the customers. Such product lists can be kept in the records for future references and analysis as well as they are easy to modify with any change of costs or strategies.

Benefits of product price list template

For the businesses, there are many benefits of using this template including:

  • It is easily downloadable, customisable and usable.
  • As it is a predesigned template, the chances of missing out on details are limited.
  • The images and details can easily be inserted without any hassle.
  • The customers can easily see details of the products or services a company is offering along with their retail and bulk prices.
  • The availability of retail and bulk price information can help the customers in making economical decisions about the quantity of their purchase.
  • The price lists of various years or periods can be kept in the records for the analysis and modification purposes.

Therefore, having various benefits, companies often opt for this template for listing down their products and prices of all their products for their customers. 

We hope that with this article and the attached template, we have helped you in recording and listing all your products and their prices. However, for any questions or feedback, you can always write to us. Thank you!

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