Cost of Sales Tool Template

The cost of sales is the total of all the costs that a business has received by selling its products and services. The cost of sales is recorded by a business on a daily basis because it somehow becomes a performance metric of the business.

Using the cost-of-sales tool?

The cost of sales tools is used by businessmen when they want to know about the ability of the business to design, manufacture and sell goods at a very reasonable cost. The cost of sales tool is used mostly by retailers when they want to determine how much they have gotten from the purchasers.

When a business gets the income statement, the cost of sales is mentioned at the top of the income statement. This is useful for businessmen who want to calculate the gross margin by subtracting the cost of sales from net sales.

Cost of sales tool


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There are various types of costs of sales, such as direct labor, direct material, and much more. Some businesses also include commissions in the cost of sale. The person calculating the cost of sales determines the total inventory that he has in his warehouse and the purchases made by the customers. These two values are added up and then the ending inventory is subtracted from the gross total.

While calculating the cost of sales, the businessman is required not to include the general and administrative expenses so that a true picture of how a business is performing in terms of sales can be seen. The expenses of all the departments of the company are also not taken into consideration while calculating the cost of sales.

Importance of using the cost of sales tool

Any person involved in the sales process of the business should use the cost of a sales tool. Every sales process requires the business to conduct a sales analysis in order to figure out how well the business is operating. Calculating the cost of sales is one of the main parts of the sales analysis. Using this tool also enables a business to know about the total revenue it generates in a given time period.

Cost of sales tool template

A template is a useful tool that keeps a business professionally organized. This tool is generally designed by a team of experts who know the needs of the business when it comes to calculating the cost of sales. No matter whether you want to determine the cost of selling products or services, you will always find the cost of a sales tool to be very effective and conducive.

The user is required to enter the names of the products and services it sells and the date on which it sells. There are also graphs and other types of pictorial representations to get many other results. The template has been designed in such a way that it can easily be understood by a user of any type.

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