Project Timeline Template

In the real world, not only meeting the project end deadline is important rather completing all the activities at the appropriate time is critical for the optimal utilisation of allocated resources as well asthe successful completion of the project. Therefore, it is very important forall the people involved in the project to have a knowledge of all the deadlinesas well as the updated situation of the project.

Sometimes, it becomes a tiresome job to illustrate a project or summarize it in a visual form. In addition, as all activities or milestones in a project have different durations, the chances of human error in manually preparing a timeline chart may not be an effective solution.

For these reasons and others, companies often opt for the template of Excel for Project Timeline which helps the companies in having a visual representation for their projects and their milestones.

Project timeline template

What is a project timeline template?

It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for the purpose of recording the details of the projects in terms of their start dates, finish dates, durations as well as the major milestones or activities involved. It can easily be used by any company operating in any industry to keep a track of their project timelines.

It has fields for recording the start date of a project and the milestones. In addition, it also records the ending dates of all the milestones and the overall project. This automatically reflects the duration of each milestone as well as the overall project. A column of notes is also present to record any important information with respect to the project.

The timeline chart presented by this template can help the personnel to review the deadlines and the dates can show the completed and non-completed activities. In addition, it can even assist in the evaluation of the project in terms of the performance and resource utilization which can further help in the assessment of the involved employees.

How to use the project timeline template?

The template is readily available and easily usable. After it is downloaded, it can be customized as per the needs. Once customized and updated, the information regarding the project can be filled in the assigned fields.

After the dates and deadlines are filled in, the template automatically generates a timeline chart which is a visual representation of all the critical milestones, dates and deadlines. This chart can be utilized to keep a track of what has been completed in the project and what is left, where there is any lagging behind or where the project is ahead of time, etc. All this information is very critical for the successful and timely completion of the project as well as to ensure that all the allocated resources are being utilised properly.

Benefits of the project timeline template

There are many advantages of using this template for the companies. Such as:

  • It is easily available, downloadable and customizable.
  • It helps in recording and keeping a track of all the important dates, deadlines and milestones.
  • It presents a picture of all the important information about the project in a timeline chart.
  • The visual summary of the project is easy to follow instead of simple dates in the fields.
  • The human errors are minimized due to the automatic generation of the timeline graph.
  • The project and resource evaluation and performance can easily be checked.
  • Any required action can be taken in a timely manner as this template clearly shows if the project is ahead of time or behind the deadlines.

As the template offers numerous benefits, people often use it for managing their projects.

We hope that our article and the attached template will provide all the required help in recording and tracking your project information to manage your project effectively and efficiently. For any questions or feedback, please write to us. Thank you!

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